This is one of the most important factors in the delivery of services to the client and recognizing this fact Focus has ensured that the transportation that is used by the firm's clientele meets the international tourism standards. This means that our fleet is constantly being renewed, the motor vehicles are well maintained through regular service and replacement of motor parts and that these cars are comprehensively insured.

Self-Drive Safaris
Take off into the wilderness on self-drive safaris, either “camping or staying in lodges”, we will provide the suitable vehicle for a given terrain, but leave it to you to decide your own life-style.  Drivers/helpers can be arranged.

Why Focus Safaris

1. We renew our fleet of Vehicles regularly;
2. Our strength is in our drivers who are trained in:
a)     Defensive driving;
b)    Accident / incident avoidance through awareness and planning;
c)    How to anticipate and manage the varying road hazards specific to developing countries;
d)    Stress management and
e)    Customer service

3. Roadworthy vehicles: Our fleet is regularly maintained at a fully equipped garage and car wash.
4. Security: All our vehicles are tracked 24 hours a day.
5. Call centre: We operate a 24 hour call centre.

6. All our drivers are uniformed for easy identification

Fleet Size
Currently, we are operating a total of 35 vehicles ranging from;
•    Saloons
•    Station wagons
•    4 By 4
•    Vans
•    Buses.   

Fleet management
• There is the Fleet Manager software installed on all vehicles, to monitor the entire movement of Focus vehicles. This state-of-the-art technology enables us to manage our fleet from the comfort of our offices. At Focus, we are constantly looking for ways to improve our service delivery and this system allows us to Produce accurate billing information, improve efficiency & reliability, lower costs, Increase passenger road safety and security;

• The vehicles undergo minor services after every 5 000 kilometers and the major services after every 10 000 kilometers;

• All vehicles have Anti lock breaking system; a safety system which prevents the wheels on a motor vehicle from locking up while braking;

• Two-way radios for tracking cars and fast communication during day and night operations;

• All cars have well serviced boots for luggage so as to separate passenger from luggage;

• All vehicles have comfortable seats that take care of your posture with seat belts that safely secure through the ride;
• The vehicles move on high quality tyres and wheels that are taken for alignment at various intervals;

• The vehicles are taken for a thorough regular service and

• There is a comprehensive insurance cover that takes care of both the vehicles and passengers.

The Price:
This is not fixed and depending on the season and the duration of your hire Focus will be happy to give you a quotation. Please note that the longer the duration the lower the cost per vehicle and also if you wish to have a chauffeur the price goes down. During the low tourist seasons we offer a reasonable discount so let us know when you would like to travel, the number of people in your group and the type of excursion you require and we will gladly give you a quotation.

Keeping our Customers Satisfied
Quality has been much talked about subject in business circles and especially in the service sector.  Talking quality is one thing delivering it is another.  Delivering consistent quality time and time again is the tough part.  Injecting value and making it affordable is even tougher.  But this is precisely the task Focus has taken upon itself.  We intend to get the right car to customers at the right time and at the right price.  Focus already has a good reputation for reliability when compared with some of its rivals and it intends to build and improve the service to its clients.

What our customer expects from Focus Safaris and Car Hire Ltd:
•    An easy efficient reservation process
•    Speed of service at time of rental and return
•    A diverse fleet of clean, well maintained vehicles
•    Personnel who are courteous and competent
•    Reliability and dependability Competitive rates

Pick FOCUS and we will pick you up!

Please don’t hesitate to call Fred Kamau on Tel 0722 609172/020 3536009/0770375618 or 0736 334721/0751 826625
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